miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Experiencia de Voluntario

Ese comentario es el de una chica de Canada que hizó voluntario en un pueblito de la Provincia de Santa Fé:

"Volunteering in Saladero Mariana Cabal was definitely off the beaten track! It was great to be immersed in the routine of a rural town’s life. I learned a lot by connecting with the people who live there in group settings and talking one on one. People of all ages were warm and welcoming. I could see that they were excited to have a new visitor, new activities, new things to talk about. I visited the town in the summer for four days. I lead two workshops – art for kids (ages 6-13), yoga for women (all ages). It was fun to paint and be creative with the kids – especially because during the summer there are not any organized activities for them to attend. It was meaningful to do yoga with the women especially because it is in keeping with the peaceful mood of the town. Even though I was in Saladero for only a few days I feel like the visit was impactful. The skills and experience that I had to offer aligned with the goals of Responde: to build community strength and local economies in various small towns throughout the country. I left Saladero feeling grateful that I had a chance to experience life in Argentina away from the most popular tourist ‘hot spots.’ My volunteer experience was a positive exchange of culture, ideas, creativity, and fun! "


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